10th October 2016

10-October-2016 18:42
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We were very happy with Russian Service as was Richard Johnson. I have come to believe one never knows how a bumper will be run until it is over. Typically, they crawl, quicken half way and sprint for the finish. The 2nd division was only a couple of seconds faster, but looked, to the naked eye, a much more even gallop. Russian Service will come on for the run and experience. He appears to have come out of the race in great shape. A discussion with the owners needs to take place in a week’s time to decide if we continue down the bumper route or send him over hurdles. It is very early in the season to have horses well and truly ready 1st time. As the champion jockey suggested yesterday the season will be over very quickly if they aren’t needing their first runs at this time of year. All well and good if you’ve a hundred horses I suppose. I’m always disappointed when we don’t win but there are plenty of positives to take from the weekend.

This morning all horses had typical Monday morning canters up the woodchip. I love it when horses come out on a Monday morning squealing, whipping around at ghosts or pheasants in hedges, bucking and generally feeling in good spirits. I also love to see horses walking home after work with purpose.   

Our kitchen floor screed was never put in correctly, so today, it has been lifted. Dust on toast for supper. I can't uplaod a photo to compliment todays blog as I have erorr problems!