10th April 2021

10-April-2021 5:07
in General
by Admin

Aintree was not quite the same without all the ladies in their dresses or lack of dresses. It is great to have owners back on the course and I hope things can move along fast in the right direction, talking to them over the rail isn’t ideal but better than nothing. Kateson ran a screamer and Competition just got tired having needed the run. 


The less said about Sedgefield the better, it was a long drive home for Len as he had a blow out and flash cars don’t always have spares. I spoke to him when his car was being dragged onto a recovery truck. Len has seen more than most when it comes to horse racing and takes winning and losing in his stride. He ought to write a loo seat book of his racing memories as some are hilarious. He had a horse in a two horse race one day, the other fell and Len’s horse refused.  


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