9th March 2020

09-March-2020 16:33
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by Admin

Monday mornings come around far too quickly, routine canters for the horses. Those that were ridden yesterday and have entries this week did a little more. 


I was caught up in a mess yesterday, or should I say a total fuck up of the clerk of the courses at Charlton Horethorne yesterday. 4X4’s were being towed in as was the ambulance and the ice cream man. They waited until ten minuets before the first race to make a call and send everyone home via a tow rope with three tractors on site. I was pleased to get home having spent six hours driving a horsebox and two hours waiting for a tow out. The excuse of rain in the morning didn’t wash for me and a call could have and should have been made the previous day. Tommie was there soon after nine in the morning and he said there was no more rain than a few spots.


Onwards we go, Cheltenham finally starts tomorrow and only an outbreak of Corona virus in the weighing room can stop it. Racing will be immediately abandoned if the aforementioned happens but the roar is upon us and a sensational weeks racing lies ahead. I will be there tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. Blogs may be a bit hit and miss this week but I will be sure to update any running plans.


Have a great week and enjoy.