9th February 2021

09-February-2021 17:24
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by Admin

This morning we worked Kimberlite Candy, Neville’s Cross, Mr Melda, Sebastopol, Velasco, Polydora, Lossiemouth, Pounding Poet, Thomas Patrick, Immortal Fame, Marty Time, Eastern, Piaff Bubbles, JohnBB, New Moon and Adrimel. The horses seem in good shape and will be ready to run when this weather changes. 


Poor Hollie Doyle feeling intimidated by the stewards, whatever next. Anyone visiting the stewards room should feel intimidated, they are responsible for enforcing the rules and punishing those who break them. What has the world come to. I can remember when you could say something to another person without them taking offence. I don’t think my children will ever experience that in their lives. Hollie may have benefited from working a few weeks at Captain Charles Radclyffe’s, she would have experienced the feeling of intimidation much sooner in her hugely successful career. It appears now that if one feels harshly done by the go to excuse is to blame those enforcing the rules of how the matter was handled. This snowflake world is not good for the future of the younger generation; it will return to bite them. They will have to grow up one day and realize that we are not all equal. Superiors in industry can be intimidating. Captain Radclyffe would have walked the length and breath of the country for his staff but he could also be very intimidating.