9th January 2021

09-January-2021 16:27
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by Admin

Glory and Honour is in good shape after his win at Lingfield yesterday. We shall now look forward and hope for bigger and better things with him, he’s done little wrong throughout his life and we are lucky to have him. I need him and others to win plenty more. I have had to replace two cars this week, my Audi is written off having drunk too much puddle water and Sophie’s jeep blew up. Two horseboxes have had services and various other bits and pieces of work carried out on them, HMRC have to be paid at the end of the month and the VAT man had his slice this week too. January is never much fun. Thank goodness for Glory and Honour yesterday. 


A busy morning, but we had plenty of help. We schooled Glory and Fortune, Quick Draw, Stung for Cash, Dorking Boy, Benito, Immortal Fame, Adrimel, Eastern, Lagonda and L’Incorrigible over hurdles. Le Grand Fromage, Fair Kate, Hazzaar and Algesiras schooled over fences. The other horses all put in some hard yards around the sand and a few had an easier time lobbing up the hill. 


It is not very often I sit and watch the racing on a Saturday afternoon, but today was some day for it. Thankfully, it is not too cold and my dryrobe came into its own. We don’t have a roof on our entire house at the moment and the builder seems to spend most of his time drinking tea or driving around getting materials (he reads this). The Aga and two log burners are unable to heat the parish, to compound matters the log shed is all but empty. He has no doubt spent his afternoon in a garden center looking to replace our beautiful cherry tree that he decided to drive a loader into. I not sure he was expecting such expletives to come out of Sophie’s mouth but was spotted leaving the scene of the crime in a very sheepish manner with his tail firmly down.


Should any snowflakes be offended by Adam Wedge’s comment about racing being a man’s game need to get a life. He used the expression as a figure of speech and to listen to ITV banging on and apologizing for what he said just winds me up. Why has everyone become so easily offended over something and nothing. It’s simply pathetic.