8th December 2020

08-December-2020 17:32
in General
by Admin

Dorking Rogue and Piaff Bubbles are both in fine shape this morning.


Marty Time, L’Incorrigible, Stunsail, Scipion, Dorking Boy, Ginny’s Destiny, Roger Rarebit, Benito, Stung for Cash, Vado Forte, Lagonda, Hazzaar and Argonauta all worked having warmed up on the sand. 


It was a long drive home from Plumpton in the rain last night with a stomach full of curry, curry is not my first choice of food but the Galloping boys know how to tuck it away. The table wasn’t big enough, Herbie burst the button on his shirt before explaining what a fine horseman he once was across hunting country. 


No runners tomorrow, I will be heading north to Newcastle, Doncaster, Carlisle and Ayr over the next few days so a day off driving is certainly welcome. To think there was a time in my life I’d have given anything to have been allowed to drive. Discoverying Jack Radio has been a blessing, not one Christmas song played all day yesterday and very few adverts. Jack Radio take a bow.