8th October 2018

08-November-2018 16:04
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Kateson is in great heart this morning and will be back in light work tomorrow, Meep Meep has returned with very sore shins indeed, that may, and likely, account for what appeared to be a bit of a disappointing run. I always felt she was running back too quick but id she was feeling her shins they are probably more likely thing to have stopped her than anything else. She certainly didn’t go into the race with them so it is any ones guess if and when she felt them during the race. Both horses have licked their feed bowls all day and are there for other days. 


Huge team effort this morning taking 14 horses for an away day and getting the rest of them out on our return. 4 a.m. starts aren’t that agreeable but Margaret Thatcher ran a country on fours hours sleep a night and made a better fist of it than those today who seem to sleep on the job. Thank goodness, Mrs Newell came along to watch her 3-year-old armed with delicious supplies for us all. Doc Martin missed his swimming off the Cornish coast as he too was there to see his 3-year-old. All horses worked as they were asked, nothing too serious given it was their first day away from home.