8th September 2020

08-September-2020 17:08
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by Admin

This morning we worked, Stunsail, Ginflix, Gold Clermont, Luck of The Legion, Polydora, Dorking Boy, Tea Clipper, King Ferdinand, Floating Rock, Dorking Rogue, Algesiras, Outlaw Jesse James, Nocte Volatus, Red Nika, Quick Draw, Le Grand Fromage, Marty Time and Immortal Fame. Flashing Glance, Velasco and Neville’s Cross warmed up on the sand before having a little blow in the hill in preparation for their runs tomorrow. The other horses put in some hard yards around the sand. 


Racing Victoria are pushing for whip reform, those in power believe it should be used for corrective measures only bring the sport in to line with other jurisdictions. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe it is only Sweden who have banned the whip. If you ever get the chance listen to William Buick’s fathers interview on Luck on Sunday and hear his views on racing without the whip. I spoke to John Gosden at Cheltenham in March on the subject of the whip. We both agreed that it would be a terrible shame to see it go but accept that excessive use is unacceptable and it is about finding a middle ground with those for and against it. 


If and when the whip does go, which I am afraid is probably inevitable. How long will it be before the jockeys are banned from screaming, growling and roaring in the horse’s ears. I know what I find more offensive and if I were a horse I think I would find someone up on my back roaring and screaming more intimidating, frightening experience than someone hitting me with a very well padded whip occasionally. Those in power wouldn’t understand that as they don’t understand how horses react to situations but they do understand how to pamper to a minority. People do not go to the races because they don’t like the whip, they don’t go because they don’t like horses or horse racing. I believe we have some of the best jockeys in the world riding in the UK, all of our whip issues could be solved by the winner losing the race if the whip rules are broken. No one seems to have the courage to implement that rule.


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