8th September 2017

08-September-2017 20:10
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by Admin

A busy morning schooling, Kates Son, Flashing Glance, Midnight Aurora, Silk Run, Thomas Patrick, Sir Egbert, Unnamed geldings by Winged Love and Arcadio, Mary Eleanor, Polydora, Colt Lightning and Amadoue all jumped hurdles. Richard Johnson, Aidan Coleman and Tommie did the steering. All horses jumped well. Guy Roberts, Norman and Ann Panniers and David Kellett were all here to see their horses.


The JCB was back to pull up the sides on the water walk, immediately afterwards I got a very good covering of grass seed down in the hope the banks hold until we modify it all next spring. The waves the horses create cause erosion and undermine the sloping banks.


Flashing Glance will head to Stratford tomorrow on a recovery mission, we have done heaps of schooling with him since Bangor, I still believe, it wasn’t so much as his jumping, admittedly poor, was the cause for his dismal performance. He has to remember to breath.