8th March 2019

08-March-2019 17:42
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by Admin

Triopas is fine this morning and went for a quiet canter up the hill. He has always suffered from worry and his fall at Wetherby has left its mark. It is incredibly frustrating as he had been schooling beautifully at home and had even schooled around two racecourses prior to running yesterday. The heat of battle is his undoing and he will now drop back over hurdles. 

Champagne Poppy failed to remember she has jumped 40 hurdles at home, she galloped through the first and that was the end of that, getting so far back so soon she failed to get in to the race in any shape or form and will have to further her racing career in the p2p field. I can’t recall the last time one of our horses pulled up and we’ve now had two in two days. Spending a combined total of eleven hours in the car to witness both does not help my humour. I was always told animals and children are prone to humiliate. The last two runners have accomplished that without too much trouble. 

This morning we worked Jester Jet, Lossiemouth, Meep Meep, Vado Forte, JohnBB, Kateson, Coningsby, Dorking Boy, Polydora and Silk Run. The others had routine canters around the sand and up the hill.