8th March 2016

08-March-2016 18:29
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Rebekah Rabbit seems comfortable and will be checked over tomorrow, on vets advise there is little point in checking her for 48 hours. Her heart will have regulated or not, once the condition of her heart is established we can then go forward.

We were busy schooling this morning.

Polydora, Very Intense and Kimberlite Candy

Legal Exit


Cuirassier Dempire

We also schooled, Russian Service, Bogarius, Adeene Des Sevres, Pinnacle Panda, Furiously Fast and Agamemmon. My computer is  so slow I can't load anymore photos tonight - the pain is too great!

I watched a couple of races today from Exeter. I always enjoy listening to interviews of trainers and jockeys but am unable to grasp this inane habit of trainers and jockeys saying “listen” before answering any question or even worse, in mid sentence. It has all stemmed from Aiden O’Brien who seems to have started the craze. If some one asks a question, I’m pretty sure most people would have the good manners to listen to the answer without being told –even if they aren’t particular interested in the answer.  It is also common to hear trainers and jockeys talking about “the back of the last” what is wrong with “after the last”, Ruby Walsh was the first person I heard use the expression, it maybe widely used in Ireland but wasn’t in England until of late. Are we so in ore of the Irish we have to copy everything they do and say. I look forward to hearing the interviewer telling the interviewee that they are listening as are the viewers. After which, hopefully, it will stop.

My week of cars continued, while picking up haylage I reversed Michelle's car into Franks. I blame them for parking in my way. I am currently negotiating knock for knock with Frank after he drove my lorry into a gate post, moving the gate post, denting the lorry and smashing the automatic sensor off. 

Below is a nice peice on Richard Johnson.