7th November 2021

07-November-2021 18:00
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by Admin

A quite week on the runner’s front, Piaff Bubbles behaved as if he’d never seen a hurdle in his life at Exeter on Tuesday, the last horse we had that behaved like that turned out to be above average, so we have hope yet.  


When the alarm clock says 3 something it is always disturbing. On Wednesday morning we took Lamanver Storm, Kimberlite Candy, Adrimel, Scipion, Thomas Patrick, Dibble Decker and an unnamed 4-year-old for an away day. 


On Monday last week, I thought I would take some junk to the local tip, on arrival I was told that they were closed and that I had to book a slot should I wish to use the tip. It did not open until Wednesday. My junk consisted of four old car batteries and two old car tyres. The chaps on site refused my request to leave it on the side for another day when the tip was open. When the tip is closed, the workforce is not insured to lift anything, I was happy to do the lifting, but the video cameras would see me doing so and they would lose their jobs. The opening hours of the tip, or lack of them may explain the fridge in the hedgerow on the lane. 


Throughout each working day this week two men have spent it sleeping in their truck at the end of our lane, they were making sure that no one travelled down the lane as it was closed, signage clearly wasn’t sufficient and extra security was needed. It is reassuring to know that our council tax is being well spent and we are getting so much more for it than just our bins emptied fortnightly. Herefordshire Council are in danger of going to my 101 room along with BT. 


Quick Draw heads to Kempton tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.