7th October 2018

07-November-2018 18:26
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by Admin

Quiet canters for all horses this morning, those that worked and the others put in plenty of yards on the gallops the previous day. 


It felt like National Hunt racing returned at Chepstow today, plenty of mud flying around, big fields and at a few very nice novices strutting their stuff. Meep Meep was sent back to the well too soon and will now be allowed the time she needs between races. I won’t be in any hurry to get her back on the track and it empathizes the importance of allowing the horse to dictate running plans. Without doubt, Meep Meep will have her days in the limelight again. 


Kateson didn’t disappoint us and won in fine style, if horses get from A to B as he does, I couldn’t care how they carry their heads and it is time people stopped crabbing him for it. He jumped with great accuracy and galloped the others into the ground today. Sadly, there were a few owners missing in action today, Dogging Pat dropped a piano on her foot and smashed it to bits, her foot that is. Quite how she single handed managed to lift a piano high enough to get her foot under it is a mystery. Much to his wife’s disgust, Guy Roberts claimed to be watching rugby at Millfield instead of fixing the leak in their house. Pat, even with her foot up and high on morphine didn’t miss a beat, she sent a message before Kateson had a chance to have a sip of water, “how much dollar did we win”. Most importantly, David Richards, Kateson’s owner and breeder and our racing manager Stan were there to enjoy the occasion as was Bernard Whitall-Williams who always lights up the unsaddling area with a loud roar. A great fun bunch of people who have a very nice horse to enjoy and dream about for the winter months ahead.