7th January 2015

07-November-2015 19:35
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What a foul morning, the wind and rain was brutal before it turned into a beautiful day around miday by which time we were saoked to the skin.

George Snell and his daughter Libby were her for a look around. George buys a coupple of foals each year with a veiw to selling them on at 3. In the New Year he will have his first 3 year olds and is off to Tatts Ireland at the weekend to get a couple more foals to follow the yearlings he has coming through.

A great day for David Noonan riding a double at Wincanton, David has a wealth of experince for a young lad from his days riding in Ireland, he certainly has a bright future and will be riding for us this winter. 

Many will have read that Sir James Dyson has bought the famous Compton Down gallops. Hughie Morrison has leased them and doesn't want any visitors. This is particulary sad for us as it is where we give most of our horses their last gallop before they run. It isn't the end of the world as we have a couple of other alternatives which we have used successfully before. We have all we need here for older horses but the younger ones need an away day.