7th October 2017

07-October-2017 17:32
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by Admin

The horses have had a busy enough week, most of them had a quiet day and were given 1 or 2 canters up the hill, the thicker winded horses did some hard yards on the sand but generally had an easy time of it.


There has been a real shift in the quality of horses being entered this last week, the big guns will be blazing from here on in and winning a novice for the next couple of months won’t be easy. No amount of ducking and diving will reap any rewards and a weak race will materialize through chance rather than careful planning.


This afternoon, Tilly played hockey on the inside of Hereford racecourse, the watering is in progress but with the wind cutting across it as it was this afternoon they will need fire engines to make an impression on the ground.

Look out female jockeys Panda Lacey is coming!