7th October 2016

07-October-2016 18:51
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by Admin

Amalfi Doug, New Member and The Flame all jumped some hurdles, The Flame 4 flights and the others 12 flights. I couldn’t have been happier with them all. Pokémon George and Libby Snell were here to watch The Flame. Pokémon George bought his own cows milk in a rather feminine flask, the sort of thing you might see a baby feeding a doll with. Anyhow, once he’d finished complaining about the lack of service at breakfast we sent him on his merry way back to the Welsh hills. For all his winging, he did pay me a very kind compliment in stating what value for money we offer here given the facilities and the standard of care the horses receive on a daily basis.

Charlie Brooks and Chris Palmer were here to see the 3 year olds canter. Marmalade Mary was here to give Hag Stone and Gabriel Oats a pat armed with damson jam. She very sweetly shared her winnings from Hag Stone with all the staff. No doubt Pokémon George will demand the jam on his toast during his next visit – bring your own cows butter Pokémon.

Away from the jessing, we’ve had a rough day, the vet confirmed my fears that Gabriel Oats sustained an injury at Bangor that will sideline him for 12 months and Katie Kilminster has gone wrong behind again. It is without doubt the worse part of the job and one thing that never gets easier to accept. We do not have horses stacking up in droves and do not play the numbers game. Everyone of them, no matter how talented is important to us. The only blessing to it all is a great bunch of owners who understand the risks involved. All to often, people fail to realize the achievement in getting a horse on the race track, let alone win.

There is no rain on the horizon. I don’t expect to hear a moaning farmer this time around saying they can’t get their crops in.