7th September 2021

07-September-2021 10:09
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by Admin

Plenty of fresh horses yesterday morning, it was Monday morning canters only and we survived with only one empty saddle and it wasn’t Lamanver Storms. He remains top of the table for dropping his rider and will take some knocking off that perch.


This morning we worked Glory and Fortune, Tea Clipper, Glory and Honour, Toucan Sam and an unnamed horse by Solider of Fortune. He maybe named Montgomery if the BHA don’t think it is too damaging to someone’s mental health. Many others horses increased their work load a little this morning allowing me to see how far off they actually are. They have a good solid base but are a long way off full fitness yet. It will continue to be a slow build towards peak fitness until we see some rain on the horizon.


I note that some leading jockeys are getting behind the sauna ban, it looks like saunas will be phased out sooner rather than later. It is very seldom a jockey hands out a very small saddle these days, the six-pound allowance for jockeys is a burden on the horses backs in the summer heat and takes some justifying in deep winter ground too. I wonder, at what point competition will be considered to damaging on people’s mental health. When I was a fat, useless amateur jockey I spent hours in saunas with Richard Hughes, someone should ask him to comment. He was an exceptional jockey and a very busy one too. He turned up everywhere to ride and weight was always a massive issue for him. I wonder if he found riding more mentally demanding than training – I think I know the answer to that one. This snowflake society will destroy a generation, I can’t see it ever doing a full circle and the thought of some kids climbing a tree, heaven forbid.


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