7th April 2021

07-April-2021 16:03
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by Admin
Hazzaar seems in good order after his run at Exeter yesterday. 
I’m on Snap, Roger Rarebit, Teescomponentslass, Glory and Honour, San Agustin, Sindarella, Highstakesplayer and Lossiemouth schooled over hurdles. Polydora, Johnbb and New Moon jumped a couple of lines of fences. Many of the other horses had quiet canters on the sand or up the hill.  
San Agustin heads to Taunton tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here
Yesterday afternoon I spoke with the Tote and today I have done a short podcast for City AM talking about Kimberlite Candy and our other runners. If Kimberlite Candy knew of our expectations he’d be struggling to sleep at night. 
If your very bored and haven’t stumbled across it yet, Sky Sports are now airing their feature on Kimberlite Candy at various times throughout the day. If you think you would enjoy seeing it press the record button.