7th December 2015

06-December-2015 13:28
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A very succesful morning yesterday schooling the 3 year olds over fences for the first time. 

3 year old Beneficial ex Greenhall Rambler

3 year old Robin Des Champs ex Just Kate

3 year old by Network 

All the horses we schooled yesterday are fine this morning, most went for Monday morning canters on the hill and a few around the sand gallop. I rode a couple of lots before heading  to Ascot Sales.

To avoid the festive tunes I opted for radio 4. They were discussing something known as e-sport. I had never heard of e-sport but it apparently involves computer games and StarCraft was the game sited. I hadn’t heard of that either but have since Goggled it and it is an acclaimed sci-fi real-time strategy game. One can play against anyone anywhere in the world and the Koreans have introduced the Cinderella law in order to stop youngsters being on gaming stations after midnight.

Isolating oneself in a room with a computer playing StarCraft with some faceless person from across the other side of the world, eating crisps, drinking fizzy drinks and generally getting fatter is not my definition of sport whether it be e-sport or not. To add insult to injury they made reference to it being an Olympic sport. I did check the date on my phone for fear of April fools. Had it not been for sport I would have been expelled from more than one school and have very strong feelings towards sport and what it can provide. Computer gaming is computer gaming and certainly not a sport. My children will not be playing any e-sports; if they want to play sport they need a ball, team mates and opposition.

Ascot was fun, not quite like The Derby sale but enjoyable in that I saw many friendly faces all there for the same reason, buying or selling horses. I underbid on a lot 93 and bought Lot 108. He is named Allstar Vinne and by Vinne Row, he was placed 3rd on his last run on 29th November. The winner made £60,000 at The Cheltenham sale a couple of weeks ago and I paid £8,000 for Allstar Vinne. By the time you add commission there’s no change out of £8,600. He seems to have a great way about him and will be a Tom Lacey Racing Club horse.

The horse I really wanted to buy was withdrawn, I think he is very well handicapped and if you like a punt don’t miss him next time. His name is Golanova. I had a very strong notion that his trainer would have found him a new owner prior to the sale.

I came home via Hook to collect a 2 year old filly for pre-training by Champs Elysees.

Must rush - I’ve to play StarCraft!