6th November 2020

06-November-2020 17:12
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by Admin

Kateson and Outlaw Jesse James are both in good shape this morning. 


This morning we worked Tea Clipper, Sebastopol, Marty Time, Stunsail, Thomas Patrick and Christopher Robin. Hazzaar, Sinndarella, Unohu and Lamanver Storm jumped over eight hurdles. Four on the all weather schooling strip and four out on the grass. The other horses all had steady canters around the sand and up the hill. 


I am pleased that Southwell have opened their gates to jumping again, why they didn’t continue with hurdle only cards is still a mystery to me. The BHA, as we all do, make mistakes. However, I think they sometimes react before thinking things through, the number of lower grade horses being balloted has been phenomenal. One thing I think they deserve huge praise for is the fact that racing was the first sport back, and the protocols they have put in place have allowed us to continue to race. It is not ideal but it sure beats the alternative and for that I think they have been outstanding. It can not have been easy by any stretch of the imagination. 



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