6th August 2016

06-August-2016 21:50
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Hagstone and Pinnacle Panda did a bit more up the woodchip, Isle of Ewe and Katie Kilminster swung through nicley in behind. Andrew and Ben Huckfield were here to see Hag Stone and their new horse Shining Shire. 

After lunch I headed off to cricket, my bowling for the first 5 overs was good and accurate then it went to pieces a little. I did manage to take one wicket early on with a ball that jagged back in off the seam to hit the batsman’s pad for a plum LBW.

Having knocked up a solid 36 last week I was entrusted to open the batting. Todays performance was out of the top draw. I timed the ball beautifully hitting 134 runs, 12 6’s and 8 4’s. At times I was left wondering if we would finish in the dark. The fielding team continually meet in the middle of the wicket to discuss where they should bowl the ball to someone who resembled the brilliance of Joe Root. My wagon wheel would have been pretty narrow as I continually just stroked it back over the bowler’s head for another 6. It will be no surprise to you to hear the opposing team won the league knock out at Lords. Hereford county have already approached me, hence the late post of todays blog. I will now have to sit down with Sophie and discuss what is the best way forward for us as a family. I will probably give it a few days to see if Trevor Bayliss comes forward with an offer. The training of racehorses could just become a hobby! Not only did I have a great day with the bat, Sholto played in the side and fielded beautifully at fine leg. Naturally, he was not needed to bat.  Ithink Sholto may have given up with the scoring book once I was dismissed!