6th July 2018

06-July-2018 19:18
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by Admin

Still no phone, I called Vodafone to see what was happening only to be told I needed authority from the account holder to discuss the phone I managed to order on Tuesday. The conversation soon came to a close.

Sword of Fate bounced back at Newton Abbott again this afternoon, 2 wins in 4 days is a fair achievement for any horse, Tommie gave him a good ride from the front and he ended up winning nicely. Sword of Fate won’t be rushed back and deserves a few week’s steady away. 

Tomorrow will be a rare day off, Sholto and I will be enjoying the action on Court 1 at Wimbeldon thanks to Sword of Fate’s owner. 

I need a cup of tea having had a horrendous drive home from Newton Abbott. I also thank my lucky stars when held up on motorways, someone further ahead is in a much worse place. 

Tommie and I decided this morning that a few who prepared a couple of the stores we bought need to read below.