6th April 2021

06-April-2021 17:32
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by Admin

This morning was freezing and we worked Glory and Fortune, Kateson, JohnBB, Tea Clipper, Neville’s Cross, Baily Gorse, Lossiemouth, Adrimel, Sinndarella, Argonauta, Dorking Boy, I’m On Snap, Roger Rarebit, Glory and Honour, You Name Him, Highstakesplayer, Ginny’s Destiny, Competition, Yes No Maybe So and some unnamed four year olds. We were very happy with them all, six of which will be hopefully, heading to Aintree Friday and Saturday. Kimberlite Candy has done his galloping and will be having routine canters this week before having a little blow on Friday. 


The Sun newspaper sent their photographer to take some shots of Kimberlite Candy this morning, he thought he was super special and bounced off down the field once his modelling shoot was complete. Sioned suggested taking her top off in the hope of making page three.


Hazzaar was the bridesmaid again, my goodness do I want to see him get his head in front. He won an Ascot bumper for us and hasn’t won a race since. I thought we had him back on song after his first run back for us at Cheltenham but he’s just never recaptured that bumper form. The three runs he had in knee deep ground may have left its mark on him. I’d like to think if we can get him to get his head in front he may do it more than once.