6th March 2020

06-March-2020 17:09
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There is a big yellow thing in the sky, Stan and I spent a few moments identifying it this morning when visiting Lambourn with Polydora and Thomas Patrick. Both horses worked on the back of the hill all weather before jumping a few fences. They would both like the opportunity to run at Cheltenham in the Kim Muir. Polydora will be lucky to get in but Thomas Patrick only needs a handful or less to come out to get a run. I hope the occasion lights him up and he gives David and Kath a good day out and runs with credit. He’s in a good place at the moment but will need to show up on Thursday. 


Before setting off to Lambourn we worked Adrimel, Kateson, Vado Forte and Kimberlite Candy this morning, all went well.  The other horses all had routine canters around the sand and up the hill. 


Yesterday evening, I received an email from the National Trainers Federation (NTF) regarding the Corona virus and about putting in place an action plan for when it starts to kill off all the staff. I maybe naïve but I have never read such nonsense. I managed to get through the first paragraph before cursing everyone and anyone who believes it is necessary to publish such dribble. 


Last nights Cheltenham preview evening in aid of The Cotswold Hunt, at the Frogmill was superbly run, very matter of fact covering all of the grade ones on each day in record time. I was in bed just after eleven.