6th March 2017

06-March-2017 18:51
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by Admin

The sting I will receive in a few days’ time from the boys in blue was somewhat soothed by The Big Bite’s very impressive performance at Lingfield this afternoon. He relaxed beautifully out the back until Noel asked him to start racing, he engaged his jets and flew home like a very nice horse.  We will see how he is in a week or two’s time before deciding what the plan is going forward. Noel was very taken by him and has suggested we aim a fair bit higher with him next time. I was travelling faster than The Big Bite along the A419 and if the general rule of thumb is - if they see you before you see them you’ve had it.

Agamemmon, Kimberlite Candy, Russian Service, Bhakti, Midnight Monty, Chase End Charlie, Jester Jet, Storm Nelson and Super Sid all jumped 6 hurdles having cantered around the sand. Routine canters for all the others.

We don’t have any entries until the weekend so hopefully, I will get a few hours in the office this week.