5th February 2018

06-February-2018 19:45
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by Admin

Typical Monday morning canters for the horses yesterday, this morning we worked, Isle of Ewe, Port of Mars, Sebastopol, Jester Jet, Equus Amadeus, Interconnected, Meep Meep, Triopas, Dorking Cock, Dorking Boy, The Last of Them, En Meme Temps, King Roland, Hattie Hopkinson, Vado Forte, The Triple Pillar, Enchancia and Muse of Fire. The others either had quiet canters or put in some hard yards around the sand.


The handicapper had his say this week, Snapdragon Fire up 7, Thomas Patrick up 6 over fences up 1 over hurdles. Quite why he’s given him 1lb over hurdles is just a mystery. Coningsby got an opening mark of 129.  They say they don’t handicap yards but I totally disagree, Kimberlite Candy dropped a 1lb. I’ve noted other people’s horses dropping in 5’s and 6’s ours drop in 1’s.  When I last questioned his rating of one of my horses, I received a reply “I’m hardly stopping your yard at the moment am I” He’s rated Coningsby on his Exeter run yet Silk Run needed to run a fourth time over hurdles having run in 2 bumpers previously before given a mark.