5th December 2019

05-December-2019 19:24
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It is getting late and I’m getting ratty by this time of night to be pontificating about stuff.


This morning we schooled Polydora, Kateson, Coningsby, JohnBB, Dorking Cock and a number of unnamed babies over fences on the grass. They all jumped well many of which were jumping for the first time on grass. 


Flashing Glance ran his usual honest race, it is hard to make all when you are being hurried on the front end yet so much easier if you get a soft lead. He’s now up to 132, so he’s either lumbered with top weight or running in racing that are too high a grade for him. I think we will look to send him back over fences in not the too distant future. He’s the type of horse who could flit between hurdles and fences and I’m not sure why more horses don’t do it.


After Wincanton I stood on a freezing cold touchline supporting Sholto’s school mates playing in a semi final cup game. Sholto has concussion so was water boy and needed a lift home. I’ve now jobs to catch up with.


JohnBB heads to Sandown and Kateson Exeter tomorrow. To read my thoughts click here.