5th December 2015

05-December-2015 16:07
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by Admin

Sugar Loaf Sholto worked at home this morning and a couple of 3 year olds kept him company. He will have an entry at Larkhill a week on Sunday with Pinnacle Peter. Sugar Loaf won't run if soft ground, Pinnacle Peter will love it, the softer the better for him. 

The other horses had routine canters. Geoff and Norma were here to see Katie Killminster have a canter. I asked them to come early and the price for that was no croissant.

Kelsey ran very well, we were very much on a recovery mission after Lingfield's shocking performance. He still needs to man up a bit, he's only 5 and a massive beast so I hope he will only get better as he gets stronger and braver. He has come home thinking he's won the Gold Cup, getting off the lorry he turned into a monster! Anyone who tells you horses don't know when they've done well is a liar. Horses pick up moods same as humans. He made a dive for his feed bowl as soon as he barged his way in to his stable.

All the 3 year olds will school tomorrow; hopefully, the fences won't be blown away.

Have a good weekend, if you’re up North or going North get some air into your arm bands.