5th November 2018

05-November-2018 18:26
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by Admin

We knew what we were letting ourselves in for yesterday taking Thomas Patrick to Carlisle and it was a risk we were happy to take, had they got the 7ml of rain things may have been different. We are not panicked and if conditions aren’t in our favour we won’t be running him for the sake of it. He is in at Sandown at the weekend and we’d like to run if they get rain.   


Coningsby has been on the naughty step all day and may spend a little longer there yet. His behavior was disgusting. I can only think he thought the shoot for start was the stables entrance and was keen to head back into them. He was still some way from home but he was jumping the others into the ground and one thing he wouldn’t do is stop galloping. I was beginning to think he’d take a bit of passing. The picture frames on the big screen changed as he veered off, he was there one second and gone the next. The 5-hour drive home was long. Coningsby has an entry at the weekend too and may well find himself back on stage very quickly. 


This afternoon, I have been to Hereford races in a box for lunch with David Kellett and his northern buddies, it was very enjoyable and now I’ve to do my evening rounds. I was consistent in my tipping of losers. Thankfully, before opening my mouth, I told them all they would be mad to listen to me and better off to pick their own horses.