4th November 2016

05-November-2016 18:51
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by Admin

We have been juggling rugs all season and tonight they are rugged up for winter nights. Fireworks need banning, even in rural Herefordshire they are banging. When tucked up in bed, the horses actually don’t seem to care. Hopefully, by the time I check around later on the parties will all be over and we can all go to sleep in peace. I am a miserable sod and don’t see the attraction of them anyhow. Even our deaf dog can hear them!

We swung through on the woodchip with the few horses who have entries on Monday and Wednesday next week. All seem well and there does seem to be some rain about. Amalfi Doug will go to Kempton on Monday, Chase End Charlie will have to wait and see what ground is produced. I think it could be lovely ground given the watering and rain showers they are forecast.

Rose Newell was here treating the backs of next weeks’ possible runners.

I’m pleased I got Sholto out of school for England VS South Africa before Wales failed to turn up for the match against Australia today. His headmaster, Mr Thomas may not be in such good humour next week. I must remind Sholto to ask Mr Thomas on Monday how Wales got on at the weekend.