5th September 2020

05-September-2020 18:52
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by Admin

Yesterday we worked, Polydora, Dorking Boy, Quick Draw, Dorking Rogue, New Moon. Highstakesplayer, Marty Time and Algesiras followed them through quietly. 


Guy Roberts was here to see Kateson, Fair Kate and Vado Forte, all three horses are some way behind the others as they came in from their summer a fair bit later. Fair Kate got held up almost immediately after coming in as she got a nasty cut under her elbow. We always planned to have our horses ready to go early for fear of further shut downs due to the corona virus in the winter months. Racing has it critics but I feel that the industry is doing very well indeed in setting themselves up for the continuation of racing throughout the year. Their protocol seems to be working and so far we have had a clear run at things. They have got one thing right and should be applauded for doing so. Long may it continue. 


This morning we worked, Thais Toir, Tea Clipper, unnamed horse by Fame and Glory, Luck of The Legion, Outlaw Jesse James, Velasco, Nocte Volatus, Immortal Fame and Le Grand Fromage. New Moon jumped some poles in the ménage and did it nicely. 


Overall, a poor week of press for our industry. Yesterday John Dance announced he would be scaling back the number of horses in training, he’s fallen out of love with the sport due to the handicapping system, politics and prize money. I empathize with him on all points. Politics become toxic and the handicapper handicaps horses out of training. We all know about prize money when compared to running costs and racecourses refusing to admit they get £1000 / runner media rights. The industry is reliant on big investors as well as the man in the street, losing anyone of them is a concern. Each and everyone owner at any level counts. 


From what I can gather, Delia Bushell has been removed for making a coupe of tasteless jokes, I would be much more worried about the bastard that felt the need to complain about her doing so than her poor taste in jokes.  


Our leaders have shot themselves in the foot yet again over Southwell. Whilst the inspection was taking place I’m not sure why they choose to hold another meeting until it was completed or at least switched to an all hurdle card only. The course remains under review and all racing has stopped until further notice. A dangerous can of worms has been opened through thoughtless actions. The number of deaths of horses over the fences at the track are of huge concern and without doubt are a serious matter. It is paramount that a review takes place but to close the gates seems an over reaction when the deaths are not related to hurldes races or bumpers. I fear for our sport and its future with such weak leadership, it appears on the surface that they are fearful of anything and everything. They react without thought for what they are setting themselves up for further down the line.   


Sholto and I had a game of cricket this afternoon, Sholto hit 22 runs and got two wickets, I hit 20 and took one wicket. A very enjoyable game played with plenty of humour but sadly, we lost. I hope our builders work is more accurate that his bowling! His wide’s were very costly. Stan was playing for Eastnor and reports have come in that he was spraying Herefordshire with 6’s. 



Grizzman heads to Fontwell tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.