3rd September 2019

05-September-2019 19:10
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by Admin

Had Snapdragon Fire of winged the last I think he have won in spite of jumping to his right throughout. We always knew running left handed wasn’t ideal but there are simply no suitable race until Perth at the end of the month. A big thank you must go to the punter who informed me he needs to go right handed. Needless to say he soon knew he hadn’t told us anything we didn’t know. Forchena ran a nice race finishing third, for the benefit of the critics, there was concern of whether or not she would settle, had she jumped off closer she may have lite up, over raced and been beaten further. It was the first run of her life and horses need to learn to go through their races correctly from the start.  I would say she had the ideal introduction to racing. If you lost your 50 pence, bad luck. 


Pete the hug was here to see Silk Run and Meep Meep have a canter this morning. David Hilton was here to see Saint Arvans do the same. Talk has it he could be signed up for Woolhope Wanders this evening. David was reportedly a goal keeper in the Leeds academy, he could just be an asset to the team and will be the busiest man on the pitch!