5th July 2019

05-July-2019 18:22
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by Admin

I have worked the sales for ten years now have have never known the demand for horses between 50,000 – 80,000 to be so strong. The Irish p2p boys seem to play the numbers game and without their interest we would be seeing a very different market place.


I went to Goffs UK in May and finished at Deauville this week. Deauville was beautiful but ruined by the fact I cashed my car pulling out in front of a motor bike at traffic lights. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt but I had to leave the car in France as they clearly don’t have windscreen in theirs.


A few owners acquired stores throughout the sales season, they are now riding in the ménage, loose schooling and doing it nicely. Below is lot 8 from the Derby Sale. If he isn't a racehorse I don't know what is. 


Many horses are now back in and have started their month trotting around the farm, sand and up the hill. In this heat they certainly know they are doing it. At this time of year, they are getting the best of both worlds, light work and out at night. We will be putting in the hard yards between now and October and will be hitting the ground running when the time comes. Exciting times ahead.