5th May 2021

05-May-2021 17:01
in General
by Admin

King Ferdinand, Algerias, You Name Him, Hunting Percival and San Agutin schooled over hurldes, Stung for Cash, Yes No Maybe So and Neville’s Cross over fences. 


The punters thought they knew more that us yesterday and must be wrapping their hands in cling film as their hands must be burnt never mind their fingers. The three horses from Southwell yesterday are all fit and well this morning. Jesse James has gone home and will now find another job. Camembert Electric will be let down and head to grass as soon as this weather picks up and I’m on Snap will give us a lot of fun through the summer months. Evening racing should be banned, I care little for myself or jockeys but I do care for the staff who make it happen. The lady serving the food in the trainer’s café feels the same, she was savage and upset everyone who went in there. 


When a sales company sends you a request for photo id and proof of address for terrorist financing one has to wonder what is becoming of the world. It is probably too late; the world has gone mad even telling jokes seems to be crime nowadays. 


Forchean heads to Huntingdon, to read my thoughts click here.