5th April 2022

05-April-2022 6:37
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by Admin

It has become more apparent than ever before that racecourses are prostituting themselves to get anyone through the gates. We all accept that racecourses need to make money but some are becoming grim places to be. If they continue in this vein, there will be a knock on effect. Some owners are starting to voice their disliking of it all. I have mentioned about the pyramid before and owners are at the top of it. Chepstow choose to market their card on Saturday as a beer and cider festival, they had a student day the meeting before. Even for me, the student day was an eye opener. People were being sick in public areas and girls had no problem peeing on the roadside outside the gates before the day started. Many clearly got on the coaches thirsty. I go to the odd rugby match and the odd other sporting event. I have not witnessed such grim behavior at any other sporting event that I’ve witnessed at race meeting of late.


We arrived at Chepstow in plenty of time as we had five runners and needed to settle them all and have some breakfast having had a busy morning at home before leaving. The canteen was nothing short of a shambles. It took over an hour for us to get something to eat. Medics occupied four tables and the kitchen couldn’t keep up with only one chef and one girl serving. It simply isn’t good enough, staff won’t want to go racing if this is how they get treated. Racecourses have so much more to do, I can’t remember when any member of staff told me that the food was good at any racecourse, if anything, since covid they have gone backwards and I’ve heard more complaints about canteens that ever before. By any stretch of the imagination, Chepstow is not alone.


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