5th April 2021

05-April-2021 17:48
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by Admin

Typical Monday morning canters for the majority, Hazzaar had a little blow in preparation for his run tomorrow at Exeter, to read my thoughts click here


It was a huge relief to see Quick Draw finally get his head in front, he’s a horse who has always shown plenty at home but has failed to take it to the racecourse. He is still a big raw baby who looks, on the back of what we saw today still has more to give. A fence will ultimately be what brings the best out of him. 


If you had failed to notice Richard Johnson has hung up his boots you have been in a deep hole somewhere. I can’t say anything that anyone else hasn’t said already. I concur with what I’ve read, he’s just a top man. I remember the first time he rode a horse for us I was absolutely blown away by his feed back. No jockey who had ridden for me previously was anywhere near him in regard to feed back. He all but made the next entry for you. His career was simply remarkable; I will miss him.