5th April 2019

05-April-2019 17:30
in General
by Admin

Capac is fine this morning and spent the morning in the paddock with Kateson. Kateson, Polydora and Flashing Glance head to Aintree tomorrow. To read my thoughts click here. 

Those heading to Aintree had a canter around the sand a small blow up the hill. Not to be there today with Lossiemouth is hugely disappointing. He pulled out lame on Wednesday and we got a reaction off his foot, overnight poulticing didn’t get us were we needed to be yesterday morning when we needed to get the shoe back on so that was that. I really fancied him which makes it an even harder blow to stomach. Most importantly, he’s there for another day and has the rest of his life ahead of him.


I have a very small share in a couple of mares, on Thursday we had a Blue Brazil colt and last night the flat mare had a Kingsman filly. I have no knowledge of stud life or the hard work involved, I leave it to the proffessionals and am very much a silent partner in all decision makings. I'm told Kingsman's off spring will be popular.