5th March 2019

05-March-2019 16:24
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It seems that we as an industry still fail to unite, I understand some of the trainers and jockeys feeling the need to participate on Arc tracks but am disappointed that some trainers who I would consider to be plenty successful enough running their horses on a day that was targeted to boycott ten days or more ago. The same applies to the top jockeys. Don’t tell me they wouldn’t get back on the horses. The French know how to protest when they don’t like something, that may explain why their racing is so solid. No matter what ARC are saying they don’t like it. They will have to give in the end if the industry can pull together on this one and continue to boycott their tracks. We have horses lined up to run at their tracks in the very near future and I do not wish to find myself in a situation when I’m having to ask my owners to consider whether or not to run. Ultimately, they will have the final decision and I just hope the issue is resolved very very quickly. 


This morning we worked Jester Jet, Meep Meep, JohnBB, Vado Forte, Champagne Poppy, By Order of, Triopas and two unnamed four year olds. 


Lady Cylla and Via Delle Volte jumped a line of hurdles. The others all cantered quietly around the sand or up the hill. 


If you’ve had any bets based on quick ground at Cheltenham tear them up, I have it on good authority that 40ml of rain is going to fall Monday and Tuesday. 


Via Delle Volte runs at Catterick tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here

I hope she wakes up.