5th December 2021

05-January-2021 17:23
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This morning we worked Kimberlite Candy, Algesiras, L’Incorrigible, Glory and Honour, Argonauta, Bentio, Glory and Fortune and Ginny’s Destiny. All the horses worked nicely and seem in good order.


Thomas Patrick and Eastern went for a jolly on Hay Bluff in the snow. 



It is frightening to think how some people are being affected by another lockdown, the financial pressure on some firms must be mind-blowingly frightening. We in racing, have pretty much been let off the hook. Thanks to owners being incredibly supportive and the good work the BHA put in throughout the period of time racing was stopped. They managed, with other elite sports to get us back up and running pretty quickly given what we know now. Those involved in all the bitching and moaning that takes place in the press and on social media have no idea how fortunate we in racing have been. The gas lighting racing journalists seem to pride themselves on is not helpful in any shape or form. I’m not sure how bright one has to be to be a journalist but some seem hell bent on shooting themselves and the industry in the foot. Many would find themselves looking for work elsewhere if I was employing them.