4th September 2018

04-September-2018 18:56
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by Admin

The horses that will be ready when the ground comes all cantered around the sand and swung through on the hill twice, they were, Dorking Cock, Dorking Boy, Sebastopol, Vado Forte, En Meme Temps, Coningsby, Jester Jet, Flashing Glance, Thomas Patrick, Polydora, Kateson, Meep Meep, David John, Megan’s Choice, Triopas, Snapdragon Fire and unnamed horses by Maxfi, Flemensfirth and Stowaway. The 3 year olds and the older horses someway behind the others fitness wise cantered around the sand.


Sophie has been suggesting that I go for an eye test for sometime now, much to her disappointment, this afternoon, I was told I have incredible eye sight, better than most teenagers, the best he has seen for sometime! Ledbury was like Oxford Street with parents sorting out back to school shoes, haircuts etc etc.