4th June 2016

04-June-2016 20:44
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by Admin

All the babies went out around the farm today, they behaved beautifully, all are full of confidence and everyone of them took their turn in front. It is a result of not being rushed or asked to many questions too soon. In my experience horses generally want to please, they need to understand the questions being asked of them and if given the time none should ever present a problem. Of course, you’ll get the more difficult ones but the same rules apply. Give time time!

I got all the lawns mowed before heading off for cricket. My batting is poor and it showed when a ball nipped back in and hit my stumps with only 3 runs to my name. I have to accept that I will can no longer get the ball to swing like I used to and my line and length isn’t as good as it used to be either. Playing badly doesn’t really sit too well with my competitive nature. I did however, take a catch diving to my left at mid off. It is a shame the captain doesn’t have such good hands! It is good fun and there are some very good kids playing in the team, one lad aged 13, I think, hit 110 runs. Its great to see.