4th May 2021

04-May-2021 5:57
in General
by Admin

This morning we worked Glory and Fortune, San Agustin, Pounding Poet, King Ferdinand, Neville’s Cross, JohnBB, Hunting Percival, Stung for Cash, Algesiras, You Name Him, Black Anthem, Competition and Baily Gorse. Winter has returned, wet and very cold!


To finally see Hazzaar hit the line hard in front was very pleasing, he has been a frustrating horse since winning his bumper at Ascot. Let’s hope he can grow in confidence and progress to the horse we once thought he was.  Rosmuc relay looks to me like he wants further but will now head to summer grass. Teescomponentslass did nothing wrong but inexperience showed up.


Camembert Electric, Outlawjessesjames and I’m on Snap head to Southwell today. To read my thoughts click here