4th January 2021

04-January-2021 18:31
in General
by Admin

Happy New Year to you all. 


There is little to report, this morning as with most Monday morning the horses had routine canters up the hill. Lagonda and Bentio jumped a few lines of hurdles nicely. 


We will be having a quiet week with no entries until Sunday. 


Sebastopol and Hazzaar seem in good shape after their runs at Musselburgh, Sebastopol will go for some routine tests as I feel the one thing he has always done is hit the line hard, he hasn’t done that over 2 mile or 2.4 mile. It would be foolish not to look for reasons. 


Teescomponentlass and Baily Gorse have settle in nicely, Teescomponentlass is an absolute belter of a mare, she fills the eye and I highly recommend her if you are looking to buy a share in a racehorse. Shares are available via Value Racing.  


I have always thought the world has gone mad but when I saw an article today suggesting that men sit on the loo when they want to pee in order to makes transgender feel more inclusive I realized my thoughts had been proved correct.