4th January 2018

04-January-2018 17:22
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Is that race for greys anytime soon. 


I’m not too sure what the latest storm is called but it made light work of my tractor door glass, I spent part of Tuesday evening on my hands and knees under car lights picking up glass that shattered into millions of pieces on my way to harrow the gallops. Thankfully, it happened in an area that was easily cleaned and swept clear, had it of happened in the muddy wet area at the bottom of the bank I think I'd still be there.


Nothing too exciting is happening here at the moment, we ran plenty of horses before and over Christmas and now seem to have a bit of a slow down on the runner’s front. The heavy ground throws up all sorts of weird, wonderful and disappointing results and with this wind the ground will only get worse before it gets better.


All the horses cantered up the hill or around the sand gallop, I still have two loads of sand to get on the gallop but the wet has stalled that job too.


I found the energy to make contact with BT again today, it gets worse. Apparently, there is no fibre to the premises. Quite how our fibre worked for 3 days before shutting down is nothing short of a miracle. It is not easy to persuade a man staring at a computer screen that there is in fact fibre to the premises. After all, we had it working for 3 whole days. The screen says not and that is that. Luckily, one of my strengths is tolerance. I am now confused why BT installed the 5 telegraph poles that carry the wire to our house.