04 January 2016

04-January-2016 19:11
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Since 5.30 this morning I feel as if I’ve been bouncing from post to post. The day started early with paper work. Horses need naming and hunt certs need sorting out, in addition end of month invoices. Geoff and Norma dropped in this afternoon to make sure I was alive as they haven’t received their invoice for December. While they were here they saw Katie Kilminister, she is not impressed as they came without carrots or apples. A successful business man told me “pay your bills and make sure you get paid. If you do that you’ll always stay in business”.  His wise words have proved correct to date. Don’t panic Geoff, I’m alive and you’ll have it tomorrow!

As normal on Mondays all horses cantered up the hill twice and the few that don’t go on the hill went around the sand. Singlefarmpayment has come out of run in fine shape. He’s a little bit quieter than normal which I would expect and he’s entitled to be. Give it 2 or 3 more days and he’ll be dancing again. Neal and Heather were here late morning to see him and their other horses. We will see where we are in a few weeks before making any firm plans as to where we take him next. We do have a notion but nothing is set in stone. All the runners from last week are fine too.

Yesterday, I must have been feeling dreary from Friday’s success as I agreed to go shopping in Hereford. I had planned to swap a new iPad for a cellular one but instead walked out of the shop having paid for a new computer. This one is old and slow it will now be passed on to the kids once the Apple store has transferred everything off it onto the new one. The day got even more expensive as I found myself in Waitrose, after which, I was conned into going out for Sunday lunch.