03 December 2015

03-December-2015 18:40
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by Admin

We have started to build our arc as many local roads are now flooded. Chepstow will be very hard work on Saturday, I don't think Kelsey will get a run but if it keeps raining I wouldn't be suprised if it doesn't end up water logged. It is currently pouring down.

This morning most horses had quiet canters on the woodchip, rain is delaying the top up of the sand gallop. We trach washed 3 horses this morning and the results were not perfect. We will be very careful with what if anything we work for a week. We will know more tomorrow once the plates have been grown over night. Every trainer in the country suffers with this and if manged corrcetly, it will soon be behind us - until next time.

Many of the 3 year olds jumped in the menage having had a quiet canter.

Lamanver Alchemy jumped with Joe over hurdles in the menage, the quailty of the photos are poor but she's very fast!