3rd November 2018

03-November-2018 16:58
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The drive home from Wetherby wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was still too late for blogging. He’s A Goer ran a super race, Richard Johnson would have liked to have gone on with him but he simply isn’t the type of horse to do that with. He could have done literally anything out in front on his own having run into GB Liners around Hereford. He is starting to gain our trust and is definitely going the right way at the moment. Winning with a penalty isn’t easy and wasn’t helped by the additional 7lb claim for the rider of the winner, he was beaten just under a couple of lengths giving 14lbs to the winner, a very solid and progressive run. We will have more fun with him yet. 


Yesterday we worked Kateson, Vado Forte, Lossiemouth, Kimberlite Candy, Jester Jet, Meep Meep and Coningsby, the others had canters around the sand and up the hill. This morning, routine, quiet canters on the back of a busy enough week. 


I’m sure each and everyone of us has times when we think everything is going against us? A couple of weeks ago I walked into the barn on Wednesday morning to feed a weekend runner only to find him with a big hind leg, this morning, Lossiemouth who was declared to run at Carlisle tomorrow a big knee. Needless to say I’ve begun to wonder what I have done wrong. We have more horses so I suppose we are going to meet more challenges.


Thomas Patrick and Coningsby head up to Carlisle without Lossiemouth tomorrow, it started raining up there at 11 this morning, I’m not sure if it will be of sufficient amounts allowing us to run. I didn’t want to find myself sitting at home watching racing on good to soft ground. The track has been spiked so if the rain comes it should get into the ground.  If Thomas Patrick ends up at Newbury on December 1st, he ideally, needs match practice. Dropping back in trip isn’t ideal but if you have to do so there are worse places than Carlisle to do it. Coningsby has schooled nicely and has point-to-point experience under his belt. Both horses are ready to run and won’t disgrace themselves if doing so. 


England 12 RSA 11 a vital win.