3rd September 2021

03-September-2021 16:44
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by Admin

Most of the horses are now back in, the final two are due next week. They all seem in good shape and have been putting in plenty of hard yards in slow paces. We’ve had a couple of schooling sessions, on Tuesday we schooled Piaff Bubbles, Highstakesplayer, Argonauta, Marty Time, Hesque De L’isle, King Ferdinand, Immortal Fame, Roger Rarebit, Pounding Poet, Ginny’s Destiny, Dorking Boy and Benito over hurdles. Gold Clermont, Tea Clipper, , Velsco, Adrimel and Quick Draw over fences. Toni James and David were here to watch pounding poet. Yesterday we had Rick Allen visiting his horse Immortal Fame and Andrew and Jane Nicholls here to see their filly Tokara. A fun morning was had with plenty of banter and Rick was sent home feeling somewhat less jovial as he did when he arrived.


We considered a whip round to buy him another set of colours as three trainers have to post the colors to each other. We decided against it and insisted that he bought sets for each of his trainers. He’s not Welsh even with a name like Allen.


Mental health has gone mad, just short of two hours I managed to upgrade a telephone with Vodafone via their online chat.  Had I been compelled to answer their question of “do you have any personal circumstances that we need to take into account when communicating with you” Obviously, I said no as had I I’d still be trying to upgrade a phone.


I will resist the request for rain for another day in October.