3rd September 2016

03-September-2016 18:36
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Hag Stone far side, Triopas this side.

Brandon Hill lead Russian Service and Hag Stone over 8 hurdles. Brandon Hill had not jumped an obstacle since January 2015. Pinnacle Peter and Triopas also jumped 8 hurdles. All the others cantered on the sand apart from Katie Kilminster who hacked out around the fields with a 3 year to keep her company. Hag Stone may well go to Uttoxeter on Wednesday. He is very insecure, I think it will take him a few more runs for him to realise the world isn’t going to end and may even take another year.


I watched some of Burghley this afternoon and was surprised how badly balanced some of the riders are, they just aren’t part of the horse. They look to have no feel at all. Their horses on the other hand are so honest to jump those huge obstacles with unbalanced lumps on their backs. I didn’t see many going cross country but watching Mark Todd and Tina Cook was like watching a completely different event.