3rd August 2018

03-August-2018 19:07
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Similar work for most horses this morning, they are getting solid foundations in place for the winter months. 


I'm not sure I could have coped with another 2nd.

Our trip to Bangor couldn’t have been better, everything was right for Silk Run today, ground on the quick side of good and the step up in trip certainly seemed to bring out improvement in her. If you ever wanted to witness the feelings owners get from winning a race you needed to be at Bangor shortly after the 1.30 today. I don’t think there was dry eye amongst them, man hugs all round, even the champion jockey qualified for one! Peter Crawford’s grand daughter Megan, who is horse mad was ecstatic and in floods of tears. It was a very special moment and a lovely thing to witness. I think a seed has been sown for life, Pete will need to get selling more forklifts. I fear, Megan has big ambitions for a string of horses. She’s not a bad judge either, she knew what was right and what was wrong with the horses in the paddock. 

The test match is gripping and England will need to skittle a few Indian’s out early tomorrow morning to have any chance of winning. Why Joe Root or Ben Stokes aren’t in the slips I do not know.